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Jackpot City: registration

The history of this company begins in 1998, and it was founded by Digimedia Limited Casinos. To start playing on this site you need Jackpotcity sign in. To do this, you need to create an account. Let's take a closer look at how to go through the registration process here.

Registration on the site Jackpot City

Registration at Jackpot City is quite simple. The user should specify his e-mail address, as well as come up with a password. The password should be thought out with great attention and a strong combination of characters should be used. The minimum number of characters in a password is 6 and the maximum is 14. In addition to the usual Latin letters, the password should also contain numbers, special characters and capital letters.

In the event that you have previously created an account at this casino, but forgot the password from it is not worth creating an account again. All because the administration of the casino such action can be interpreted as re-registration. Creating more than one account is strictly prohibited by the rules of Jackpot City, so for such an action can block access to the personal account.

Therefore, if you lost access to your account, it is best to contact casino tech support with this question. In most cases, such a problem can be solved and restore access to the personal account.

After a bettor creates an account at Jackpot City he can get a welcome bonus, as well as encouragement for the first deposit. In order to receive the welcome bonus in the personal cabinet, it is necessary to enter all the necessary personal data. Such information includes full name, date of birth, place of residence, etc. In addition to the welcome reward, casino users can count on a number of other incentives in the future.

A player can use the function of memorizing passwords, which will allow not to enter a password every time to enter the personal cabinet. It is better to use this feature if no one else but the player uses the device from which he logs into the Jackpot City account.

Jackpot City account verification

After registering on the casino site, sooner or later most players have the need to pass verification. All because without passing this procedure you can not withdraw funds. You can learn more about this procedure at https://casino-jackpotcity.org/en/login/. For the administration verification of users is necessary to be sure that the client is of legal age.

Verification means checking the validity of personal data entered by the user. Most often for this purpose the client of Jackpot City just needs to send a photo of his passport through his personal cabinet. Instead of a passport, you can use other documents: driver's license, housing and utilities receipt.

To avoid any difficulties during verification, you should be very attentive to the accuracy of the data, because in the future it will be impossible to change the entered information except for the password. Even a small error in specifying personal data can lead to the fact that the player will later be denied the opportunity to use the services of Jackpot City.

It should be noted that some Jackpot City users are not very welcoming of the mandatory account verification procedure. However, it should be understood that with the help of verification casino protects not only itself, but also its customers.

Jackpot City guarantees all its customers the confidentiality of data. Therefore, all users can be fully confident that the information they have transferred will not end up in the hands of third parties.